When do I need a pool safety certificate?

You are not required to obtain a pool safety certificate until November 2015 unless you are selling or leasing a property with a pool.

Regardless of whether a pool safety certificate is required or not all pool owners must ensure their pool complies with the current pool safety standard by November 2015.

Before you call us!

Little bit of Homework

Before calling “The Local Blokes” to inspect your pool, there are number of checks you can perform.
Most common faults that we find as a Pool Safety Inspector
• Pool barriers not at adequate height. ie: less than 1200mm
• More than 100mm gap under barrier
• Barrier in poor repair
• Barriers that are climbable
• Gate does not self latch from any position
• Gate opens towards pool area
• Overgrown trees and plants that are climbable near fence
• No compliant CPR sign
• Sign not clearly visible
• Ground under fence not permanent and stable
• Self closing doors onto pool area

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